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McConnell’s unique focus on governance and risk management provided a commercially successful outcome during a time when Covid restrictions plagued many projects.


The McConnell team’s innovation sought to unlock the potential of this transport node, building a business case around the upzoned value of this precinct. Council listened; at a time before walkable catchments were considered the project was afforded additional density and set a quality benchmark for transport-orientated development going forward.


Teal set a new quality benchmark for transport-orientated developments in New Zealand.


Addison was the first acclaimed large-scale, master-planned residential development in New Zealand, leveraging best practice internationally. Our goal was to give residents what they wanted by researching behaviours, desires and key environment outcomes in a more intensive residential setting.


The early partnership with Papakura District Council (which later was amalgamated into Auckland Council) created the unique approach to both the public and private realm design and interface.


The project extended through the GFC and the upheaval of the local body council structure. A clear strategy, detailed planning and disciplined execution allowed the project to progress unhindered.

Re-writing the rulebook for style and function.

Location: Orakei Basin, Auckland

Completion: 2022

Role: Developer

Nestled on the headland of Purewa Road, Meadowbank, Teal is a boutique collection of 26 design-led, luxury apartments. The site is elegantly situated above the eastern edge of Orakei Basin with spectacular views across the water and the area’s rural surrounds. This project required an expert team to establish a new density precedent for transport-orientated developments within the mixed housing urban zone. Working with the council, the McConnell team unlocked the potential of this transport node, and successfully built a business case around the up-zoned value of this precinct. The result is an attractive and mindful building that compliments the natural contours of the land and maximises light throughout the day. The building has been occupied since Dec 2022 and has been acclaimed by its residents, the project team and external parties as a stunning example of density done well.


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