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Integrity is engrained

Integrity of relationships

We believe in collaborating for the win-win, to build meaningful relationships that grow more solid over time. We’ve built a reputation for integrity and expertise over six decades. And because we’re still a family-owned business, we’re free to partner with organisations that share our vision to create better places to live and work.


We are committed to:

  • Identifying common philosophies

  • Developing complementary capabilities

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Transparent reporting

Integrity of approach

We know that it takes commitment and determination to create truly distinctive spaces and we pride ourselves on our ability to mitigate risk through robust processes. From feasibility assessments through to our project management systems and approach, we set clear targets to eliminate guesswork for our partners, and apply diligence to understand and manage both opportunities and risks.


We have created our own processes to ensure performance consistency, this includes:

  • Due diligence

  • Sphere of influence

  • Design management ownership 

  • Dynamic risk management

Integrity of outcomes

We balance the bottom line with broader goals, like building communities where people genuinely want to live and work. We’re driven to create spaces that make more than just a financial impact, aiming for enduring appeal and utility on every project. Ultimately, we are focused on leaving a positive mark on New Zealand’s inhabitable landscape for future generations to enjoy.


We achieve this via:

  • In-depth target sector research

  • Detailed development model analysis

  • Identification of critical success factors

  • Intense opportunity identification

A reputation built on transparency and trust.

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