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Teal Apartments wins Property Council NZ Excellence Award

Location: Meadowbank, Auckland

Completion: Early 2023

We’re incredibly excited that Teal, our recently completed boutique apartment development, has won the coveted Excellence Award in the Property Council NZ’s Multi-unit Residential Property category, alongside a  host of other highly-respected projects.

The category was hotly contested, with project entries including apartment complexes, hotels, retirement  facilities and multi-unit residential developments. 

The Property Council states that the winner of this category is the best of the best; projects that provide an  outstanding return or delivery of service potential on investment of funds, creating value for owners, tenants  and the wider community.

It's incredibly satisfying to win in this category, as Teal marked McConnell’s return to apartment-style development. So it’s great to know that the industry shares our excitement for this elegant, transport orientated development.

The award was announced at the Property Council NZ Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards on June 23. 

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