Beaumont Park, Rolleston

Rolling out the development of 150 sections for first home buyers.

Rolleston has grown in leaps and bounds since the Canterbury earthquake.  The need for housing necessitated close collaboration with the local market and builders to provide sections that were both affordable and great places for people to live. At Beaumont Park, Rolleston, we aligned all interests so everyone involved could enjoy a great outcome.

Once a quiet semi-rural township, Rolleston in the Selwyn district has become the place to live and work. It now has a buzzing town centre, new schools and sports facilities, and with the southern motorway link soon to be on its doorstep, it will be a quick drive to Christchurch.  The Selwyn district has also been ranked by BERL (Business and Economic Research Limited) as the district with the strongest economic performance in the country for the past two years.

McConnell Property has delivered approximately 150 sections into this area over a 3 year, 4 stage development. We are thrilled to provide affordable options for first home buyers.